PDA fbvncserver Project


2003-2007 © by Patrik Gfeller (pgf), CodeOmega (tm)


Keyboard input

With showkey you can see what keycodes are produced on the console. The keycodes are the result of a translation of the scancodes, which are the actual output of the keyboard. The scancodes can be made visible by showkey -s, and by getkeycodes.

The system keymap is the translation table which converts keycodes to strings. The system keymap is a plain ASCII file which is loaded by loadkeys (use dumpkeys to show it).

[TouchScreen] => | Kernel | ---> [tslib] ---> [tssimd.h/.c] ---> [tslib]     =>
                 +--------+                        A
           ptrevent()                              |
 VNC => [fbvncserver.h/.c] ------------------------+
           keyevent()                              |
                                                   | keysym2scancode()
                                          |---- uinput ----|
                                          |---- event -----|
                                          |-- kbd driver --| (translates the scancodes again)
|---kbd/bios/firmware---|-----------------+-----kernel-----+---------------| =>

 #:> dumpkeys --long-info
 #:> getkeycodes

Based on the work of Pierre-Philippe Coupard, who as written the original iPAQ36xx & Zaurus code; fragments used from x11vnc, kbdd, tslib, ...
The core of this SW is LibVNCServer .

additional thanks to

Requirements & dependencies:


./configure --host=i686-linux


The core of this SW is LibVNCServer .


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