Linux-PDA fbVNCServer

This project started as a fork of fbVNCServer Sharp-Zaurus found @ SDG Systems. As those packages did not work on my iPAQ3870 Hardware I started to modify the SW to fit my needs. The 0.0.7-002 version supports the following device types:

  • iPAQ36xx
  • iPAQ37xx
  • iPAQ38xx
  • iPAQ39xx
  • iPAQ54xx
  • iPAQ55xx
0.0.8-011 was only tested on iPAQ3870 and will most likely not work on other device types. Packages for the following distributions are available:
  • familiar 0.7.x, OPIE
  • familiar 0.8.x, OPIE
If your device and/or distro is missing, please let me know.


Many thanks to all who helped to improve the software with their contributions - w/o them fbvncserver-ipaq would not exists: Logo, who provides this project a digital home.